Installation of solar panels in Spain

Saving money today for a better future

Now it is OK! We destroy the world while...

The price of electricity does not stop rising!

Nowadays the energy bill is becoming a real problem for Spanish people.

And even though, we accept the increases in the price of KW/h from these companies as if we had no other options. Is it that we are stupid? Are we really lazy to find solutions to this embarrassing nonsense? Or is it that perhaps we do not trust the new alternatives?

And this only worrying about the most economical and "selfish" side of the matter. With the energy consumed from these companies, we are destroying the world. We all know that the days of the earth as we know it are numbered, if we don't do something to reduce the CO2 emissions that cause global warming, the inheritance that we leave to our children and grandchildren will be nothing more than an arid and dry place , where survival is a luxury available to few.

We must progress, but we must do so as a responsible society and not by closing our eyes to the future, as we have done up to now.

Progress is useless... if it «has to be inexorably translated into an increase in isolation and violence, autocracy and distrust, injustice and prostitution of the natural environment, the exploitation of man by man and of the exaltation of money as the only value».
Miguel Delibes
writer and ecologist

Source: National Geographic

Some 2021 data on climate change

World danger, just around the corner

Spain has 75% of its territory at risk of becoming a desert. If this country doesn't take drastic measures, will be one of the driest countries in the world by year 2040.

+ 0 ºC
more power

Average temperature increments on earth by 2040

In addition, the ocean absorbs around 23% of annual anthropogenic CO2 emissions into the atmosphere, destroying the habitat of millions of species.

The negative climate trend will continue for the next decades, regardless of our success in mitigation, which is why it is important to invest in adaptation, not only at the government or state level, but starting each one from home, minimizing impacts individually.

Our Solution for you to take action... once and for all!

photovoltaic installation for self-consumption

In neighborhood communities, individual homes and even on leisure and industrial areas. The benefits are “countless”, but we summarize them in two KPIs:

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bill saving
+ 0 %
Clean Energy

Easy Steps

Installation steps

Step 1: Feasibility analysis

We carry out a feasibility study with consumer's space and his electricity consumption data. We always try to ensure that the installation is well sized and in accordance with consumption in the sections where it is most generated.

Budget Acceptance & License Request

Once the budget is accepted, we take care of everything. This budget is classified as "key on hand". The client only has to manage the building permit, which today is a responsible declaration and the payment of some fees. It's a pretty easy step. This License has to be done by the client. We help you in all the steps and inform you of the requirements, but these may vary depending on each municipality. (You must present a copy of the DNI of the owner of the house, copy of the last IBI where the cadastre data appeared, responsible declaration, payment of the fee and little else). Once the license has been requested (it does not need to be approved), the next step could be executed: the installation.

Assembly + Legalization

The assembly or installation, has an estimated average duration of one week, it will depend on the technical difficulty of it. A photovoltaic installation has three main elements: the panels, the inverter (it's the one that converts the energy generated by the plates into alternating current to be able to pour it into the network) and a smart meter to know at all times what you are generating. When we finish the installation and start-up, we proceed to all the legal procedures and administrative issues of the installation. (When it is shared self-consumption, we register the installation with the Ministry of Industry and inform the distributor of the participation coefficients of each neighbor so that they can inform the marketers. This is more complex to understand, but we explain it to the communities of owners). In the event that there are subsidies, we take care of the processing of your application.

What if my equipment breaks down?

the warranty

Both the equipment and the installation in general, have temporary guarantees that we define below:

Photovoltaic panels

12-year warranty (lifetime: 30 years)


5 year warranty

The whole installation

2 year warranty

And how do I know how much I am going to save?

Economic savings can come from several sources:


Shared self-consumption

How does it work in a community of owners?

First of all, at least 1/3 of the neighbors have to agree to the installation of panels. With that third, the community is obliged to give them a space for the installation, but the expenses are payed exclusively by the residents involved.

If, on the other hand, the agreement is accepted by at least 3/5 parts of the neighborhood, the installation will be carried out as something of the community (the same as the installation of an elevator or any other common element) and the expense is supported by the community of neighbors either with own funds, spills, financing etc.

Once the facility has been approved by the neighborhood council, the distribution coefficient with which each resident of that facility participates must be agreed upon and reflected in the minutes. This is important since, depending on this participation coefficient, you will enjoy one % or another on the energy generated.

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