Join the solar energy revolution: save more than 55% on your bill and... save the planet!

Installation of photovoltaic panels for shared self-consumption

Future vision

About Us

We are a company dedicated to commercialization and management of photovoltaic energy projects..

We want to be a referrer in the consumption of renewable energies, focusing on self-consumption, shared self-consumption and large productions.



Help in the revolution of the country's energy model, promoting savings in homes and companies and betting on a green and clean model.


A sustainable future for next generations and a mixed energy model in most homes and businesses.


To achieve our goal we have the latest and most recent technology of photovoltaic panels. A real 180º turn in terms of energy efficiency.



It provides market knowledge of the communities of owners to which shared self-consumption is directed.



It brings extensive experience in engineering and control.



Provides all technological support and executes the installation of equipment.

The union of 3 big companies

ORT Renovables

We are born from the collaboration of three large companies

Clean Technology

Investing in solar energy is saving, it is taking care of our own and it is saving the planet

The benefits of investing in photovoltaic energy could not be more visible:

- 0 %
bill reduction
- 0
CO2 Tns /Year * Inst. 25KW

Saving the world shouldn't be an option, unfortunately it is, and it's yours...

How does it work?

A simple installation model in 3 steps


Step 1: Feasibility analysis

First of all, we carry out a feasibility study, analyzing the possibilities presented by the infrastructure of the home or industrial space, and studying the consumption to calculate the optimal dimension of the installation.


Step 2: "Key on hand" estimate

The budget is prepared with all the costs of the project, from the free provision of advice and preparation of proposals, through the installation and ending with the legalization. 


Step 3: Installation + legalization

As soon as the budget is approved, the installation is carried out, and once it is finished (in an average period of 2 weeks) the legalization process is completed. We take care of everything!

What our clients say

"a necessary investment"

All our clients are very happy with the speed and quality of the installation, not to mention the incredible savings on the bill.

Don't hesitate any longer and fill out the form so that we can contact you as soon as possible.

"Despite having been in the market for a short time as a marketer, ORT Renovables has been created to optimize a business structure where 3 great connoisseurs of the photovoltaic market had already been executing medium and large-scale installations, like the one I show you in the image, to the Mayoral company"
Juan Ariza
Commercial DIrector ORT Renovables


We have the experience of Bettergy, our equipment installer

Bettergy has extensive experience in the sector installing photovoltaic equipment for more than 10 years. Check the following link, their success stories and their international recognitions.

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